Edward Anderson

4th Fighter Group 07/28/1943


Intelligence Combat Report


Pilot:  Colonel Edward W. Anderson


a)  28 July, 1943

b)  336 Squadron

c)  P-47C

d)  1200 hours

e)  East of Rotterdam

f)  Clear

g)  Six

h) Me-109G

i)  20,000 to 24,000

j)  2 Me-109G Destroyed

k)  Nil

l)  Nil

m)  Nil

n)  Statement of Claim:

I was flying No. 2 in White section of 336 Squadron.  We were approaching the B-17’s from the rear east of Rotterdam when we observed six e/a attacking a B-17 which was straggling.  I followed White 1 as we poured on the coal and dove for those aircraft.  They were attacking in chain and pulled up on the starboard side of the bomber as if preparing to attack again.  White 1, Capt. Miley, closed rapidly and fired at close range on one of them.  I saw strikes on this aircraft.  At this time, I saw an e/a below and to the right which was too good a bounce to miss.  I informed White 1 I was leaving him to take it on.  (Guess a No. 2 should not do this, but we were well covered by 3 and 4 and the remainder of the squadron was above and closing.)  I overtook the Jerry (a 109) quite rapidly and fired a short burst and then a long closing burst.  I saw many strikes, pieces flying off and white smoke.  This plane seemed to stop suddenly and dropped down and I went over the top pulling up in a climbing turn to the right.  This pull away, much to my surprise and pleasure, placed me dead astern of another bastard at about 500 yards.  With throttle, blower and prop controls full forward, I closed and opened fire at what I thought was 300 yards.  I continued to fire seeing many strikes, pieces flying off, and finally a large enough piece of aircraft broke off that I had to zoom up to avoid flying into it.  White 3 covered me and observed both of those aircraft going down in smoke.  I claim both of these e/a, Me 109G’s, as destroyed.


Colonel, Air Corps



Name                                                                                    Aircraft                                                                                                 Ammunition Used

Colonel E. W. Anderson                                                                VF – E                                                                                                    1225 Rnds  .50 Cal  A.P.I.



Statement of 1st Lt. Don D. Nee:

                As I was closing on an Me 109, I noticed White 2 (Col. Anderson) cutting him off and closing rapidly.  I pulled up and covered him and watched him shoot the hell out of it.  I observed the a/c breaking up with smoke pouring out.  I watched it go down a ways and took a quick look behind.  When I looked again at Col. Anderson, he was within 100 yards of another Me 109 and was shooting the hell out of it.  This e/a acted similarly to the first one he got in that I observed it breaking up and going down smoking and disintegrating.  Both planes were definitely destroyed, as was Capt. Miley’s whose pilot baled out.


1st Lt., Air Corps




Combat Report by Edward Anderson of the 4th Fighter Group

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